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{September 12, 2009}   Jesus is a Socialist

Although I am not a Christian, I was certainly raised that way. There is nothing wrong with the teachings of Jesus.
I do think that those who are politically conservative and claim to be Christian are not paying heed to Christ’s message.
If you read about Jesus in the bible (actually read the whole thing, not just a few verses here and there out of context), it’s clear that he had a share and share-a-like philosophy about economics. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. Certainly he would have favored equal access to health care as a right.
He was also outraged about the church amassing wealth.
When Jesus was tempted by Satan, it was not about temporary diversions. It wasn’t really about sex, wealth or power. It was a greater message: do not let these things come in the way of doing what is right. Do not let your personal weaknesses cause you to cheat, steal, or otherwise let your mission, your people, down.
Not taking the Lord’s name in vain isn’t about using bad language.  It’s about amassing wealth and power in the name of God and using that to one’s own end, and using it to perpetuate debauchery.
It seems to me that there sure is a lot of this going on today.


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