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{September 12, 2009}   Jesus is a Socialist

Although I am not a Christian, I was certainly raised that way. There is nothing wrong with the teachings of Jesus.
I do think that those who are politically conservative and claim to be Christian are not paying heed to Christ’s message.
If you read about Jesus in the bible (actually read the whole thing, not just a few verses here and there out of context), it’s clear that he had a share and share-a-like philosophy about economics. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. Certainly he would have favored equal access to health care as a right.
He was also outraged about the church amassing wealth.
When Jesus was tempted by Satan, it was not about temporary diversions. It wasn’t really about sex, wealth or power. It was a greater message: do not let these things come in the way of doing what is right. Do not let your personal weaknesses cause you to cheat, steal, or otherwise let your mission, your people, down.
Not taking the Lord’s name in vain isn’t about using bad language.  It’s about amassing wealth and power in the name of God and using that to one’s own end, and using it to perpetuate debauchery.
It seems to me that there sure is a lot of this going on today.

{February 24, 2009}   To Crust or not to Crust

We’ve been lowering our carb intake over the past several months. So we’ve come up with some strange rules about crust.

1. Pizza – don’t eat the crust (any of it, not even on the bottom of the slice) – except you can pick one small piece to eat the entire thing.  This means you have to scrape the and eat just the toppings.

2. Bread – we get a half slice of bread a day – usually at breakfast. If we go out to eat, we tear the crust off the bread and dip just the crust in olive oil and eat it.

3. Pie/quiche – eat the center, leave the crust.

I feel bad about wasting all that crust, so we always bring it home and feed it to the birds.

{February 21, 2009}   Entertaining JaSunni Style

Seems like we’ve been entertaining a lot lately.

Right, Bill Nolan is here and I’m making a lovely Sage-Lentil Loaf with Garlic Green Beans and Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes. We’re drinking Beatles (rum, scotch, and cola – made with Zevia cola) and listening to iTunes.

Jason and I recently discovered that PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) cause macular degeneration (Stephen King blind-time) and may be behind the rise in heart disease despite the switch away from saturated fats. I’ve started cooking exclusively with healthy saturated fats (cocunut, red palm) and monounsatured oils (olive oil, avocado oil).

I’m such a foodie – and a health freak – weird combo.

I’ve been experimenting with the juicer lately. Here’s an amazing cocktail using fresh organic juice:

Heart of the Sunrise (named after one of my favorite Yes songs)

In the juicer:
2 organic apricots (remove pits first)
10 organic Ranier cherries (remove stems and pits)
1/2 cup fresh organic pineapple
1 whole organic lemon

Combine in martini shaker with 2 jiggers of Vodka (use good vodka and keep it in the freezer)

Serve in martini glasses and garnish with cherry and pineapple if desired.

Makes 2 cocktails.

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{March 21, 2008}   Tribute to the ones we miss
From My Picasa album: Asher From Reptiles

We’re coming up on the anniversary of Jason’s father’s passing, and I wanted to take a few minutes to remember a couple of special people. Even though they weren’t human, they touched us and were family.

Asher was a wolf-dog hybrid. Not like how every person with a husky or malamute mix thinks their dog “might be part wolf” or how every white American is part Indian (with a feather, not a dot), but *really* wolf. Her father was full wolf, and her mother was 75% wolf (off-spring of a male wolf and a female half-wolf, half German Shepard). That made Asher 86.67% wolf. And she acted like it. I was her alpha female, and she was my best friend. She taught me a lot. She taught me how to play hide-and-seek. She was mischievous. She stole my things and hid them when I wasn’t paying attention to play tricks on me – and then laughed at me, with her squint-eye wolf grin.  It’s been over a decade since Asher passed on, and I still think about her often.

Rudy and Irma were prehensile-tailed (or monkey-tailed) skinks. Jason had had them for years when we met. They were mates and raised two offspring together. These skinks, unlike most other reptiles, live in family groups and colonies. Rudy was ill when Jason and I were dating. He died shortly after. We took him to the Columbia river and released his body into the water. Irma missed him. She still took care of the two babies, but it seems that once they were old enough, she just kind of wasted away. Nearly a year later, Irma died at our house in Long Beach just before we got married. We brought her body with us to Portland when we got married, and the weekend before our wedding, on a beautiful evening we sent her to join Rudy. The babies – not so baby anymore – April and Augustus are still with us and thriving.

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{March 19, 2008}   A More Perfect Union

We listened to this on the radio today, and then watched it again on YouTube. This is an amazing, powerful speech – a true landmark in history.

Unfortunately, some news coverage has been picking out sound bytes and not conveying the true message. Barak Obama is challenging us all to move beyond the race issue and unite to bring about the common goals to get the nation back on track. Every American should watch this.

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{March 17, 2008}   The Sunni Fairy

Sunni ~ Uploaded 7/30/07

Here she is – and uploaded on my birthday!

There are lots of cool fairies by Candeekis on her site. Plus, it looks like she has some interesting Photoshop tutorials.

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Even my jeans think that I am … 2 SHORT:

But, I’ve found some helpful tips for those of us that are petite and blessed with a double-dose of Dolly Parton bust lines.

My shoulders use to hurt a lot and they wanted to curve in – making it hard to sit up straight or do tasks at surfaces like counter tops and tables. But now, I am free of tension and want to share my findings.

#1 – Take the pressure off of your shoulders. I’ve always had a hard time finding good bras. I’m not a big person – but my boobs are. I suppose I could have gone the Punky Brewster route, and had a reduction surgery – but I like being busty. [My husband is a self-proclaimed mastofact and says that he prefers naturally large breasts to what he terms “fried eggs” (small breasts) or implants.]
I love my breasts, and I’m going to take care of them so that I don’t end up with National Geographic boobs. Unfortunately, the typical bra (particularly one that can handle me and still look cute) wreaks havoc on your shoulders. It pulls them towards your breasts and digs in to your skin and muscle. The answer: T-BACK or RACER BACK or POSTURE bras. Posture bras used to be these hideous granny things that shaped your boobs into road cones. No more. I found some gorgeous front closure lacy posture bras that are super comfortable and sexy. Even going with a T-back or racer back makes a huge difference. Here’s a link to some that I like: Vanity Fair bras, Vanity Fair bra at Bare Necessities

#2 – Get taller in the kitchen. Even though we live in a handicapped-accessible house (it just happened to be outfitted that way when we bought it), and the counter-tops are a few inches shorter than standard, I’m still too short to properly use them. Yes, I can reach them, but I don’t get full arm extension and I can’t reach a good portion of the cupboards. My grandmother, who was 4′ 10”, had her own answer to this problem: she wore slip on high heels in the kitchen!! As fun as that might be, even in my clear stripper heels (I’m still not quite sure if I feel offended or complemented for being mistaken for an actual dancer at the shop in Hollywood), we have small moving road bumps, also known as pet tortoises, that stalk me while trolling the kitchen floor for dropped veggie scraps. Since I don’t want to trip on a tortoise and break my neck, and they have a habit of walking on my feet while begging for handouts, the answer was to give myself a platform. Solution: Aerobic exercise step. I use one that is high enough so that I can extend my arm while cutting and washing things, and reach the top shelf. In addition, it’s long enough that I can work at the stove and sink without moving it. Plus, I get a little extra workout going up and down while cooking. There are additional bonuses like pretending that I’m a go-go dancer while listening to MP3s, being at just the right height for an afternoon quickie, etc…

#3 – Make your workstation ergo friendly. This may seem obvious, but stuff is adjustable for a reason, and if it doesn’t go low enough – get something else. Don’t settle. (This is my new philosophy in life since meeting Jason – since he is so incredible, I have decided that everything else around me should be as well. Settling for less sucks and will not be tolerated.) You don’t have to live with something that causes you to suffer. Stop whining and take action. I have a very adjustable desk with three computers – two laptops on risers, and a swing-arm monitor for the server. I have a natural keyboard (thank you Microsoft company store), and can position myself so that I have 90 degree angles for my knees, back and shoulders, and arms. Since I am such a munchkin, this requires a special seat. I have had good success with the kneeling type chairs (if I can scoot up close enough with them down that far), and a ball chair. However, my new favorite is the Swopper.
Swopper Black Ultrasuede
The Swopper is a bouncy, swiveling stool that not only promotes great posture and core strength, but it is fun to sit on. And bounce on. And twirl around on. Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Jason and I like to sit close together while we work and this chair makes it easy to hold hands and touch while we work at the computers.
When I’m not holding Jason’s hand, or resting my hand on his leg, I’m mousing. A lot. When you move the mouse, you move your whole arm. If you are leaning or have any back or neck tension, this can lead to a really sore upper shoulder. Jason’s solution is to use a trackball. I tried that, but I have a retarded thumb. I’d have better accuracy with my nose. Solution: the Ergo Rest. It’s probably the single best investment I’ve made at my workstation. I loved mine so much that Jason got one and now he uses it with his mouse more than the trackball.

All of these changes have made my shoulders nearly tension free. What’s next? We’re probably going to get an inversion table. That should be interesting…

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{March 1, 2008}   Happy Birthday Jason!

Jason and Sunni celebrating Jason's birthday
Happy Birthday Jason!!
For 5 months we get to be the same age… then I can go back to being the older woman. 🙂

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